Dyas is an active, non-operating minority partner and investor in oil & gas exploration and production projects. With its strong technical and financial capabilities, Dyas aims to grow long-term production and developed reserves in a solid portfolio of assets.

To achieve this aim, the company participates in material exploration and development projects. Dyas is an investor with a medium to long-term outlook. Usually the company’s involvement spans a large part of the asset lifecycle and many investments have remained in the portfolio for up to twenty years. Dyas has a compact organisation with the flexibility to respond quickly to opportunities and challenges.

While the built-up position in the North Sea remains core, Dyas seeks to geographically diversify and is keeping an open eye for opportunities further afield.


Dyas has more than 50 years of experience as an active non-operating investor in the upstream oil & gas industry, bringing both capital and technical expertise to its joint ventures. Founded in 1964, Dyas was among the first to invest alongside operators exploring the Dutch and British sectors of the North Sea. Dyas has a proven track record of successful joint ventures with many of the world’s well-known and respected exploration and production companies.

Over the years, Dyas has become a well-established entity, participating in the exploration, development and production of hydrocarbons.


Dyas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHV Holdings N.V., a family-owned Dutch multinational ( SHV was founded in 1896 through a merger between a number of large coal trading companies.
After the decline of coal as the primary source of energy, halfway through the twentieth century, SHV moved into other business areas. Today, the company is active in the trade and distribution of LPG, industrial services, cash-and-carry wholesale, private equity, heavy lifting and transportation, animal nutrition and fish feed, and investment in upstream EP activities. SHV employs aproximately 60,000 people across 60 countries with a total turnover of 18.6 billion euro (2016).

Dyas, with the backing of its parent SHV, is a strong and reliable financial partner, with the staying power to take the long-term view in each of its projects. For further details, have a look at our keyfigures.